Starting a health and fitness blog with discussing Turmeric? Who is this person? What is she trying to achieve? Is she another ‘trending’ wannabe?

Well, I believe in small steps every day that make changes to life over all and adding Tumeric to your tea is step one!

Turmeric in your tea – is an interesting starting point for a health and fitness blog….but it still felt completely part of my message. You don’t have to make huge changes to make a healthy change.

Adding Tumeric in your tea is all over google, however one thing that I find frustrating is that I have to look through 10 different websites to get the information that I want.

Turmeric tells you about the nutritional profile, however the important properties that I consider to be worth thinking about if you are running, cycling, lifting, training jumping, boxing, walking are:

Reduce inflammation
Clear infection
Antioxidant action
Settles Indigestion
Joint pain
Immunity booster

There are more – such as ‘cancer fighting’, ‘diabetes control’, ‘high cholesterol control’, which may be somewhat true – however, I would not rely on turmeric to manage my blood sugars if I was diabetic (I am a nurse so would need some quite solid evidence of how turmeric could do this before advising this as a treatment plan!)

The reasons I started to incorporate turmeric were mainly because I have developed food intolerances and had a really horrible time with food while I was also incredibly stressed (I’m sure this will feature in a blog post later). I really wanted to incorporate more natural ingredients (like adding turmeric to my tea!) that would settle my stomach, have positive effects on my insides and ultimately make changes to the outside.

Simple ways to do this for me are:

Turmeric in your tea
(builders style turned Chai):

Tea bag (any normal tea bag)
Water (cup)
Milk (almond for me – whatever for you)
Turmeric (1/4 tsp)
Cardamon (2 pods)
Cinamon/nutmeg (to taste – you don’t have to use both if you don’t like either)
Honey/maple syrup (to taste)

Tumeric in your tea
(honey and lemon elixir – immunity boost)

Hot water (cup)
Turmeric (1/4 tsp)
Lemon/Lime (squeeze)
Honey/Maple syrup (1/2 tsp)
Carmon pod (2)
Ginger (thumb sized – skin on or off)

Turmeric in your green matcha tea:

Matcha Green tea powder (1/2 tsp)
Turmeric (1/4 tsp)
Cardamon (2)
Honey/maple syrup (to taste – not necessary)
Ginger (thumb sized – skin on or off)
Milk (for me almond – but whatever milk you take)

As you can see, there is a theme, turmeric in your tea is an experiment. Try your favourite!

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