Exercising and being a mum –

If you haven’t already checked out my https://powex.co.uk/language-for-the-postpartum-exercise-wannabe/  blog – please start there.  I created this table here ⇓ to highlight how realistic or not it is for you to ‘be fit’.  Are you a new mum? A mum to more than 1? Regardless, how can you fit it all in according to the science of ‘being fit’?

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Exercise ideals and exercise as a mum.
Perfect exercise conditions.Mum life exercise conditions.

– 8-10 hours undisturbed sleep a night
– Allowing your body to repair and rehabilitate through sleep each night.


– Disturbed sleep for life.


– Have a nutrition plan with the correct macro split for your body weight, height, workout routine.
– Eat regularly and with enough time to digest food before a workout and replenish protein requirements after a workout.
– Drink enough water every day, including workout water, which is extra to daily needs.


– Eat when you can.
– If your breastfeeding don’t diet
– If your breastfeeding don’t overeat
– If you are hungry – probably eat your child’s food.
– Measuring macros with a child around? Here’s some toast.

Workout plan

– 45mins-1hr workout plans
– Workout that focusses on different parts of the body 3-5 times a week so your body has enough time to recover in rotation.
– have achieved the 2 above items to feel ready and motivated to work.

Workout plan

– What?
– 3-5 times a week? Are you joking? Where do I fit that in?
– I haven’t slept, I’ll prioritise that first thanks.

Gym/workout organisation

– Gym bag ready to go for post gym spa or shower at the gym
– Time given by other child carer to allow for gym time and shower post workout.
– Time out of family time if you chose to go to the gym at times that your family would normally spend together.

Gym/workout organisation

– The baby bag is enough thanks.
– The time away from family is a recipe to feel guilt.
– Organising myself has taken a back seat thanks.

Holistic health postpartum

Make of it what you will, but my key message is; give yourself a break!  If you feel that you should be working out and can’t ‘lose the weight’, or you can’t physically ‘get to the gym’, look at your life holistically.  There are huge barriers in the way to most mums.

How have I managed it?

I enjoy exercise and have prioritised it for years pre baby so the road blocks in the way are less.  The benefits exercise brings me are great and I really enjoy them.  Exercise for me gives me head space, allows me to tune into my body, gives me a focus on what I can achieve that is just about me.  I get stronger, more flexible, more able every time I exercise.  Even if I have a day where I don’t want to exercise or feel like I haven’t made progression, I see these days as required rest.  My body tells me when to stop, this has taken years of practice.

There are plenty of people that would say I’m one of the few and you are probably right.  Only 13% of people exercise regularly in the UK – so you are not alone.  Most people do not prioritise fitness but it is so well documented and discussed now that fitness is not just about fitness and health, exercise is about mental wellness.

The principles that you need to apply to getting up and prioritising exercise can be applied to other areas of your life.  If you can find ways to squish in a quick workout, you can find a way to create time for anything with the right planning, thinking and mental strength.

Fit mum recommendations

  1. Have a check up with a women’s health professional.  You could see a personal trainer at your gym that specialises in post natal exercise.  This could be a pilates instructor who specialises in postnatal exercise.  See a mummy MOT physiotherapist.  See a postnatal osteopath or physiotherapist.  Mainly, just get checked out! You can ask your GP for a women’s health physio check up, you may just have to wait a while.
  2. Take it slower than you think.
  3. Start with pelvic floor, core and breath connecting work.
  4. Get your fundamentals nailed first – squat, lunge, hip bridges.  Nail them and notice progression.
  5. Do not push yourself if anything hurts.
  6. If you are leaking, feel heaviness when running, feel that running is a stupid idea – start with number 3.

Who to contact?


https://hertsosteopathy.co.uk – this is Hertfordshire/St Albans specific, but if you take a look at their website, you will see the kind of services you want to look out for across the UK – specialist pregnancy and postnatal osteopathy.