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Mens mental health resources

Where to start to get help? I simply googled 'mens mental health support'.  You can google the same for your local area by adding where you live at the end of the search.  The key to getting the right help is asking lots of questions.  Some…
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25 press ups for 25 days challenge - men's mental health

What was the 25 press ups for 25 days challenge? Do, 25 press ups for 25 days. Simple. Nominate someone new each day to take up the challenge.  The aim was to raise awareness for men’s mental health, anxiety, ptsd and suicide in particular.…
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Emotional language How many words do you think you can give to one emotion? Well, that’s an interesting question isn’t it, because do we really know what ‘emotions’ are in the most simplest form?   TASK Use a diary/paper/pen/notes…
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Gym Warm Up - How To?

Warm up -  So there’s always a warm up period in any class: Yoga. Boxing. Circuits.  Normally a warm up is ‘class specific’ so warming up arms and torso in boxing more.  Alas however, what do you do when in the gym on…

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