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How to prioritise me?

Who are you? A mum?  A woman?  A man?  A dad?  A partner?  A colleague?  A daughter?  A son?  A grandchild?  A carer?  A listener?  A pet owner? Who do you prioritise? Of all the labels you may be, who takes priority in your life? …
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Managing Depression

How do you know if you have depression? Low mood is common.  Covid lifestyle and lockdowns mean that low mood is much more likely in more people, because we are limited in what we can do, how we can do it and our normal strategies of keeping…
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Mens mental health resources

Where to start to get help? I simply googled 'mens mental health support'.  You can google the same for your local area by adding where you live at the end of the search.  The key to getting the right help is asking lots of questions.  Some…
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25 press ups for 25 days challenge - men's mental health

What was the 25 press ups for 25 days challenge? Do, 25 press ups for 25 days. Simple. Nominate someone new each day to take up the challenge.  The aim was to raise awareness for men’s mental health, anxiety, ptsd and suicide in particular.…

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