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How to prioritise me?

Who are you? A mum?  A woman?  A man?  A dad?  A partner?  A colleague?  A daughter?  A son?  A grandchild?  A carer?  A listener?  A pet owner? Who do you prioritise? Of all the labels you may be, who takes priority in your life? …
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Learning through media blackout...COVID

Media Blackout. During the COVID lockdown, I naturally found myself looking less and less at social and mainstream media.  This was in the 4th week of lockdown, in Mid April 2020 when the weather was good and the sun was out. I was…
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Mindfulness Introduction

Mindfulness is: Mindfulness is not a religion.  It is not brain washing.  No magic here. Mindfulness is: Being in the moment you are in. Noticing how you feel in the present moment. Noticing the thoughts that you may have in…