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Gym Warm Up - How To?

Warm up -  So there’s always a warm up period in any class: Yoga. Boxing. Circuits.  Normally a warm up is ‘class specific’ so warming up arms and torso in boxing more.  Alas however, what do you do when in the gym on…
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How to work out?!

Basics Warm up. Have a workout game plan. Cool down. Simple?! I didn’t think so. My main tips for working out are going to be broken down into different sections.  A ‘warm up’ can look like a lot of things. From a gentle…

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High Intensity Interval Training

What is HIIT? 30 minutes (short, intense, time effective.)  Not for the faint hearted. Quick short intense bursts of activity. Little rest This uses the anaerobic energy system, the opposite of the aerobic system (…