Spring Summer Brunch recipe – Smoked Salmon Tortilla


I haven’t written many recipes, but I do like to make my own variations/concoctions with the least hassle.

This recipe is a go to, breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner!

I haven’t looked at direct nutrition for this.  This recipe I enjoy and is simple.  I think that sometimes calorie counting and nutrition can go a step too far.  This recipe has healthy fats and protein (salmon, avocado and yoghurt – I use Greek Yoghurt).  Micronutrients and macronutrients included.  Maybe not a huge number of veggies, but you could add any leafy green that you wanted.  Carbohydrates in the tortilla wrap.  A nutritious meal that you could add your own twist, however you like the taste.

A recipe my sister and her husband whipped up for a quick easy dinner when my tiny human was 3 months old and we were staying at a friends house for the weekend.   They found the recipe in a book from the library and they can’t remember who the recipe was by for me to look up/credit the genius. But I think it’s sad not to share as it’s so basic, nutritious and lovely any time of day.




  • Smoked salmon
  • Yoghurt/Creme fraiche/mayonnaise (you choose)
  • Harissa/chipotle paste
  • Flour tortilla (homemade recipe is possible too).
  • Shallots
  • Lime
  • Coriander
  • Avacado

How To

Pan 1 – Flour tortilla. Warm in a frying pan with a dry pan or with vegetable oil (not sunflower or olive oil).

Pan 2 – Slice shallots finely and fry until crispy and brown.  Once browned, lay on paper towel to soak up excess oil.  You can buy already crispy onions these days – you could do that.

Bowl 1 – Mix yoghurt and harissa/chipotle to your taste liking.

Chopping Board – Chop avocado and coriander.

Final Plate –

Tortilla on the plate, smear harissa yoghurt on the tortilla.  Load smoked salmon (to liking portion).  Load avocado, shallots and coriander.  Pepper to taste and a squeeze of lime on top.