• 1:1 individual plan for you
  • Close watching of your form and understanding your limits
  • Working through difficulties both mentally and physically.

Why train with me?

I want you to get into fitness and train for you.  Exercise is incredibly powerful for physical and mental wellbeing.   Your goal maybe weight loss, it may not be.

My aim, is to help you want to exercise regularly.  I don’t want to frighten you off with scary exercises, I want to teach you have to exercise well for you.

If you think the way I write is possibly funny? And… that they can see that exercise is not the whole world, but there is a need to incorporate exercise more into day to day life. Get in touch, I want to help.

I DO NOT want to ‘smash you into shape’.  I want you to enjoy exercise and understand it.

Who I want to help?

I want to work with people who are new to exercise, have fallen out of love with exercise, people who may have suffered from mental health problems or have been frightened away from exercise for some reason.  You may be surprised at how many people tell me ‘well, my cousin, aunty, brother, uncle or friend has some diagnosed mental health condition’.  Exercise is good for everyone.

I have become a mother myself so am confident (and have training) in working with pregnant and post natal clients.

I love boxing so I try to incorporate this in somewhere.

What you get?

My consultations are FREE. The reason for this is….pretty much there’s no point in you coming to me and telling me you want to be a power lifter.  That’s not me.  My consultation also gives me time to unpick and ask the questions that you maybe were not aware needed to be asked.

I offer holistic packages to support your wellbeing thinking about daily routines, sleep, hygiene, motivation, anxieties.  As a clinical nurse specialist first, this is my bread and butter!

I also would really like to find the best way that you work.

So in a nut shell.

1:1 personal training = free consultation, then a plan of what suits your needs. I will hopefully be able to (positively) coerce you into wanting to exercise regularly and expand your repertoire of exercises. Ultimately my aim is that you should be able to train yourself once I have helped you learn how your body will respond to different trainings.

Come and have a try!


1:1 in person session £40. Home or park (not in Covid Lockdown)

1:1 zoom to be discussed on individual basis.