Ok guys – I know you’ve seen Mr Buff advertising his ‘bikini bod programme’ and ‘let’s get lean’ motto… I think this is great for people that want exactly that – however I am absolutely not targeting that market (well – that’s my aim).

The people I want to get into fitness and train are the people that think the way that I write is possibly funny? And… that they can see that exercise is not the whole world, but there is a need to incorporate exercise more into day to day life. If this is you, then I want to hear about your goals!

My motivation has come from my own experience – working in mental health for many years, I never felt that I had the ‘time or energy’ to work out…but what I found was that when I forced myself to work out, I felt the benefits, not only physically, but mentally. I felt so much better, I was still eating out, drinking, partying at the weekend, but now I 100% make exercise a factor in my day.  EVERY DAY! Whether that be walking/cycling/walking the stairs etc, I am interested in expanding your knowledge and interest in exercise.

I DO NOT want to ‘smash you into shape’. Sorry, I will be good at getting you in shape as I am trained, qualified and know how the science works….however, what I bring, that is different to other PT’s is that I am trained in unpicking people’s behaviour. I have a Psychology degree and two Postgraduate Diploma’s…in understanding people! I am trained in understanding body language, how people use words and what may be the meaning behind them and how to convince someone to do something they may not want to do or may not believe works.

Imagine the scenario – Hollywood film of a ‘crazy person’… a person who has started seeing things, talking to Jesus – this is legitimately what can happen in people’s mind when they are unwell. Maybe the person is talking about lots of random things that make no logical sense, their speech is pressured and they cannot stay on track of a conversation because their thoughts are all over the place (schizophrenia). Imagine trying to tell someone, that you, as health professional can identify (very quickly, most often) that they are unwell. Yes, most people would say ‘crazy’ and I sometimes use this word (to myself – not to a patient), but this is someone who is unwell, the same as someone who has a broken foot and needs medical attention.

When you try and convince someone in this state that Jesus is not talking to them and the delusions that they are seeing are not real (Scooby doo behind the tree, spider crawling down the walls for days), I think you can predict the problem….when someone is unwell, they do not see the problem because they are in it! This can translate to eating disorders, depression, anxiety, etc etc etc the list is endless.

The above is what makes me different – I am not training you because I want to analyse your mental health status – but because I have learned to be very good at finding the positives, negatives and ways around conversations to convince a person that there is another way that can make things a bit easier.

I do want to work with people who may have suffered from mental health problems as well….as it’s is shocking how when I tell people what I do for a living, that their cousin, aunty, brother, uncle or friend has some diagnosed mental health condition – however we are terrible as a culture to be able to talk about it in a normal way!

Walk in Personal Trainer Melissa Powex!

My consultations are FREE. The reason for this is….pretty much there’s no point in you coming to me and telling me you want to be a power lifter, when I don’t work from a gym. I can train you, yes….can I find a bar bell and rack outside of gym at this point. No.

My FREE consultation also gives me time to unpick and ask the questions that you maybe were not aware needed to be asked. I can understand what level you are at and what you need to incorporate exercise in to your life. Regularly.

I also would really like to find the best way that you work as there is no point in me training you if you want to work out every day for 2 hours at 5am… firstly, 2 hours is unnecessary, secondly, 5am is definitely not a time you will get the best out of me, thirdly, you should not be working out every day. Not if I am training you well.

So in a nut shell.

1:1 personal training = free consultation, then a plan of what suits your needs. I will hopefully be able to coerce you into wanting to exercise regularly and expanding your repertoire of exercises. Ultimately my aim is that you should be able to train yourself once I have helped you learn how your body will respond to different trainings.

Personal training, just like every thing to do with people though, is obviously very individual and what works for one person may not work for another, so it is also about an understanding that we will work together to get the results you want!

Come and have a try!

I will be doing offers depending on the time of year and if you have a specific request/need in terms of finances, we can think about the options – however – before actually training as a personal trainer, I thought they were a rip off… but now, I understand the reason behind the cost. It is not a rip off, it is someone learning about your body and adapting a programme (yes, using science and known knowledge) to get to your goals….but this is combined with probably having a mini therapy session (chat) about life! The cost isn’t only for the session you are receiving – but it is for the time it takes to plan your session – if for example you are paying £40 per session – this is really £20 per session and £20 to plan. Not unreasonable (I don’t think). These costs are also to make sure you have the right equipment and will enable me to be able to hire a space that gives you a better work out!

You see the theme – the money isn’t all for nothing!