I have tried a lot of stuff over the course of life as a teenager, young adult, adult, personal trainer.  I have also been a complete fool along the way, trying ‘diets’ and food fads that really do nothing other than reduce calorie intake.

Guess what – you can reduce calorie intake.

I have quite a simple way of looking at food, but sadly there are no quick fixes.

My main principles are:

  1. Food first.  Supplements may be useful but aren’t number 1 to get your nutrients.
  2. Varied diet.  Incorporating as many foods from different food groups as possible.
  3. Slow progress is better than fast weight loss.
  4. You should be able to make your own food plan with the knowledge I teach you.

I am a nutrition advisor and weight management consultant.  I am not a certified nutritionist or dietician.  If I think you need more specific help due to complex health needs, I will advocate that you see a specialist.

See https://powex.co.uk/prices for consultation prices.

Consultation includes –

  • Food diary analysis
  • Eating pattern analysis
  • Emotional experience of eating analysis
  • Education around eating and ‘diet’ culture
  • Individual alterations to your existing food choices.