30 minutes
(short – hard – intense – time effective – not for the faint hearted)

So this focuses much more on quick short intense bursts of activity. Hopefully you will know that this therefore uses the anaerobic system (see my circuit class discussion). This pushes your body and when you work at this rate, you need a break. This should not be maintainable. If you don’t….you’re working in the aerobic system – which is fine! You just are not getting the benefits of the work out. This is why it is not for beginners or for the faint hearted, as you will have a trainer that is pushing you and trying to motivate you to go harder.

The interval system means that you will work for 20-50 seconds at high intensity as the title quite clearly reflects – and then you have a short rest before you go again.

This idea can be done with any exercise and can even be done with running if you are trying to improve you speed for example.

There are normally fewer exercises involved in a HIIT class but you will really feel it!

An example of a HIIT workout would be:

20 seconds exercise – 10 seconds rest

  • Exercise 1 – Lunge – knee pick up
  • Exercise 2 – Burpees
  • Exercise 3 – Squat jumps
  • Exercise 4 – sit up – stand up

This would be repeated 4 – 5 times and then a one minute rest.

The timings/exercises/rest periods can be altered but your trainer will be clear about the expectations and will show you how to do everything.

A full body workout – very good for those with little time. But also very good if you want to really feel the workout. Circuits are great if you are motivated to push yourself – but with HIIT there is less of an option to relax as it much more fast paced.