What is HIIT?

  • 30 minutes (short, intense, time effective.)  Not for the faint hearted.
  • Quick short intense bursts of activity.
  • Little rest

This uses the anaerobic energy system, the opposite of the aerobic system (https://powex.co.uk/portfolio-item/circuit-classes/).  Your body will be pushed and then you need a break, you will be out of breath.  You should not be able to maintain more than 20-30 seconds of exercise.  If you can do more of an exercise, you are working in the aerobic system so you need to work harder or faster.

HIIT is not for beginners that scare easily or for the faint hearted.  I will be pushing you to worker harder and faster, which will likely involve me shouting.

Fewer exercises and less time in a HIIT class but you will feel it!

Example HIIT workout:

20 seconds exercise – 10 seconds rest

  • Exercise 1 – Lunge – knee pick up
  • Exercise 2 – Burpees
  • Exercise 3 – Squat jumps
  • Exercise 4 – sit up – stand up

Back to back exercises or 10 second rest between the circuit.  Then one minute rest before repeating the circuit 3 to 5 times.

The timings, exercises and rest periods can be altered but I will guide you through.

HIIT is a full body workout and very good for those with little time. But also very good if you want to really feel the workout.

Cost –

Zoom – £5 or donation (online payment).

Park – £6 (online payment).

In person home group – discount discussion.