Powex zoom circuits




Monday, Wednesday, Friday 09:30.

  • My zoom classes are 35-40 minutes.

Who can attend?

  • Anyone who has a body and wants to use it.
  • Anybody who is available at the time of the zoom classes
  • Anyone who wants me to help them improve their fitness at home or online 1:1 or in a small group.
  • Anyone who does or does not have a child to factor in.

What you need to do?

Fill in a PARQ on my ‘contact’ page.  Message me.  DM me.  Let me know a bit about you.  Ideally I prefer a 30 minute consultation to make sure I know how to work with you.

I will send you the zoom links for the workouts.

What you need for the workout?

  • A mat if you have one.
  • Weights/resistance bands if you have them
  • Baked bean tins, bottles of wine (full), bag of tins/books.

Why circuit training?

Circuit Training was developed at the University of Leeds in 1939 by Morgan and Anderson.  Traditionally 9-12 stations where people can work at their own level.

This is an aerobic activity, where you pace yourself to get through the hour to work your whole body.  You can not endure heavy weights at the pace of a circuit class.  This is not a person specific training system per station.  You get an all over body work out by pushing your body aerobically, increasing the amount of oxygen in your body so your heart and lungs work harder and burn calories by using your muscles.

Aerobic exercise is great for improving endurance, so you can go further and for longer.  You will be able to lose weight but this is not my focus for a circuit class.  Circuit classes are great for beginners because you can do things at your own pace.  Working all of your muscles of course will help you tone.  I will correct you in exercises where you may not be performing the correctly.

The good, The bad and the ugly …

Circuit training  NEVER GETS EASIER.

Sorry, instead. YOU GET BETTER!

As you come back to circuit training you will notice you will be able to push yourself further each time! Moving from press ups on the knees to one or two full press-ups.  A few more a few weeks later.  This, my fit friends is why I say that there is an easy burpee, one day, you will enjoy them! Yes I do, again, sorry.

An example of a circuit:

50 seconds of each exercise – 10 seconds rest/move to the next station

Exercise 1 – Jumping jacks (variations available for all exercises)
Exercise 2 – Mountain climbers
Exercise 3 – Press ups
Exercise 4 – Squat and high pull (with kettlebell)
Exercise 5 – High knees
Exercise 6 – Burpee
Exercise 7 – Tricep dips
Exercise 8 – Ab Crunch
Exercise 9 – Side Plank

A mix of all muscle groups.

Some sessions I have a ‘body focus’, like upper body, lower body or abs.

As you go around the stations adaptations can be made, intensity and time can be altered and this will keep you on your toes!

Come and have a go! I won’t hurt you I promise! (Remember the pain the next day is your muscles repairing!)

Cost –

Zoom – £5 per class. (online payment). $25 for a month pass.

In the park – £tbc (online payment)

Small group in someone’s home – Discounted discussion.