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Things I’ve liked so far that are different is I think for me it’s been a real lesson if that makes sense, learning how to do Excerise properly, the positions, making the most of the movement and also every session you’ve shown us something different which I think helps us as beginners to work out what we enjoy or don’t enjoy.

FionaMental Health Nurse

You are relatable. 

You get that it is hard being a mum and the challenges it can fester up in your life. Because of that, it’s easy to engage with you on a personal level and you are really good at adapting your sessions to clients personal needs and circumstances.

Your knowledge on fitness and physical/mental health and well- being is brilliant.

Especially, pre and post pregnancy issues. You’re knowledge on how to prepare your body during pregnancy is very good and informative. But most importantly safe! You know what you are on about. The same goes with post pregnancy work out and nutritional guidance. They all interlink with eachother. You’re literally the whole package

Mental health

For me personally, this is a gold star for me. As you understand post natal mental health issues and even women with pre natal “wobbles”. What I’m saying is, there is an understanding in your approach and tone and it’s not pushy or “drill sergent” like. You understand that some people are fragile and need a little bit more support. So the 1:1 sessions you offer and consult in are really good, as well as encouraging group sessions to help socialize also.

Three things i have learnt from you so far:

That i actually enjoy using weights during work outs.  Never EVER thought I would. Also, didnt realise how much strength i have in my legs 

I have learned that you have to be persistent and push yourself to keep going. Results show for themselves.

What I like also is, the energy I have after a work out. Which, surprises me as I honestly thought it would have had the opposite effect.


I think your really good at giving the right amount of pushing and in a way that feels relatable – like, you’re not ott with energy in an almost fake way – you let us know you’re struggling too. That almost makes me push myself harder. It’s great that you’re a fellow mum as you know how the postpartum body works. I really like having my form checked and told to slow it down or try the “easier” way of doing things first just to make sure I’m doing it right. Even simple things like learning that you can move from plank to downward dog and back again to help re-engage makes a huge difference. I think those are the things that stand out for me


1. Ease of attending a class. Because it’s from my home it’s easy to attend, I don’t need to pack a bag/go to a gym/etc. I also like the fact that it’s not an issue if (tiny human) walks in as you and the other attendees are in the same boat so I don’t feel self conscious.

2. No previous experience or knowledge needed. Obviously I had no real experience of circuits and to be honest no real desire! However, while you are direct and motivating I also feel comfortable to do things at my own pace. Over time I am more confident with my position and understand your instructions better. I like that it’s got me moving again and has made me feel fitter. Also the horrible pain is gone and now I feel I’ve ‘worked out’ rather than ‘beaten myself up’.

3. You’re pushy but not intimidating – in a good way! I needed and need a nudge to get off my bum but you are also clear on different ways of doing each exercise and what it’s specifically working on and the pace is good. Long enough on each exercise that I get it but quick enough that if it’s really hard there’s something else coming up shortly. I also feel that I’m in a group with similar minded people – I like the group size, especially initially, in a larger group I might have dropped out. However I do think it work well in a slightly larger group.

4. Made me realise that exercise is not as scary as I thought and not all about big classes in a gym in lycra. Using tins and now filling baby empty milk cartons with water made me realise that weights doesn’t have to mean ‘weights’. I guess my mindset was almost anti-gym and anti-fitness freak but actually I do squats walking around the farm and up the stairs. I do weights lifting baby all the time. Now I feel better in my new post partum body and want to keep fit for me and my family.

MaeveTheatre producer