Where to start to get help?

I simply googled ‘mens mental health support’.  You can google the same for your local area by adding where you live at the end of the search.  The key to getting the right help is asking lots of questions.  Some GP’s are not very good at understanding the systems that mental health services work under.  If you feel you need help, see your GP.  If you feel that they haven’t answered your question or taken you seriously, keep knocking on doors and asking questions.  Support lines can offer more advice.  Feeling unsafe means that you can attend A&E in any hospital and ask for mental health help.


National sites to access help are:

https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/stress-anxiety-depression/mental-health-helplines/ (lots of resources in this link).




The http://www.bacp.co.uk website highlights that mens access to therapy increased from 2009-2014.  The hope is that this continues to increase.


BAME men –


Local services will have support and advice.  Search and ask for your local services with your GP or local community centre.

Can’t get your man to talk?

Keep asking questions.  One of the most difficult things about mental health is that often at the lowest of someones low, they don’t want to talk.  That does not mean however, that you shouldn’t talk to them because that will confirm to them that they are not worth talking to.  By asking repeatedly, consistently and continuing to offer support, they will hopefully one day express something.  The man who doesn’t want to talk, will hopefully be able to say ‘I need help’ but maybe they need a different space or person to talk to.  Maybe they are unable to talk when things are too close to home?  It’s ok if your man isn’t talking to you.  You can help them talk to someone.