So much information…

Resources to look up for coping with Coronavirus.  Where do you start?

There is a huge amount out there.  These are a combination of resources that I am being fed through a vetted process within NHS CAMHS to support young people, adults and families.  Listed are also generic sources with reliable health information and advice.

This list is not regularly updated, but I have had some reach outs from some services asking to be added to my list – so please get in touch if you feel your resource should be added.  Updated 14th August 2020.

Child/adolescent, also see family.



Information, doesn’t mean you have to read it all.

I think most people are in information overload.   Take time to go through this list.  Maybe pick one ‘information’ type resource and one ‘coping’ resource at a time.  Hopefully you can actually take the information in if you do it in small chunks.

Work out what you need at the moment.  Do you need ideas and help to cope through the day (structure, routine, ideas)?   Do you need to regulate the information you are seeing and need to check reliable sources to keep your own mind racing about checking the facts.