You may notice from my instagram that until recently, I did not have my face in any of my pictures. of course gives you a bit more about me:

Why no face you may ask….

Well this is for a number of reasons:

Therapeutic Boundaries.

  1. I worked as a mental health nurse in real life and when I was working in this role, I am boundaried and thoughtful about the clients I work with. I saw clients in the local community and I don’t think it is fair for me to be advertising myself when you may see me in my day to day job.  My client may be someone that does not want to be noticed or identified as having a mental health issue.
  1. The people I see in my day to day job do not want to be interrupted mid conversation.  Nor do they want to be distracted while having an important chat.  I aim to give my full attention to my patients, even if in a coffee shop in Central London.

My face is not my selling feature.

  1. I do not feel that my face should be a representation of me in my entirety. If you notice on my instagram, my message is trying to be about a shared, balanced overall view of how to incorporate fitness into your life and live a mentally well life. This can be to address physical health and mental health.  I would like to think that if you feel better one day mentally by looking at a pretty picture or the sun rise or set, this may inspire you to be more active. You do not need to see my mug every day as your inspiration. The world can be your inspiration.

I judge myself enough.

  1. My face and body is mine to critique and judge every day. We all do this and as much as I want you all to become fit and healthy and link it to how you feel mentally, I feel that actually I don’t need extra judgement about how I look. Yes I do post pictures of me working out (ish) and some body shots (kind of), but I try to make these more focussed around my own proud moments.  Sometimes I feel badass after a workout or I feel particularly strong.  Other times, I have learned something new.  All shapes and sizes are welcome to workout with me.

Self protection.

  1. I am always learning and maybe in the future my face will feature more (as I have left my nursing job).  However, despite me sending the message to find ways to feel confident inside and out, I want to protect myself as I have vulnerabilities too. I have worked with young people who have been hospitalised as a result of social media trolling and difficulties. I like to think that I have a strong mind in many ways, but I don’t want any nasty surprises in this social media world thanks.

Core values not face values.

  1. Fitness for me is about who you connect with and what concept you engage with, not the face of one person. Different people are inspirational and you should find your own motivation. I learn from people, both when they fully expose themselves and not.  My concept of fitness is about what makes you do it. Not what makes you fearful and feel vulnerable.

You can be faceless in social media too – to protect yourself.