Fitness classes

I have learned through my own fitness life and experiences of being out of fitness and getting back into it that I do actually know a lot of stuff in fitness. Maybe you think I am big headed?  But the reason I know a lot of stuff is because I have experimented, trained, read, and educated myself.  No one can know everything, but I know enough to know what my body needs, how to change my routine and how to advise others.  Instagram feeds can show you some interesting ideas, however, nothing can replace lived experience and learning.

What prompted my writing this post was something that doesn’t seem to change, even as time goes on.  Fitness classes, sadly are not everyones cup of tea and they are also not always good.

What makes a bad class?

Having found my self in A LOT of classes, I am pretty fussy.  I have a key principle – ‘trainer over class’.  I test lots of places out and look for recommendations that suit my needs.  If  I don’t like a trainer, I leave.  I have walked out 5 minutes in to a class.  I have left half way through.  But what has made a class bad for me?

It could be a range of things, but the trainer vibe is key.

Things that should happen in a class –

  1. Trainer should ask if you have any injuries.
  2.  The personal trainer should not want to injure you or frighten you off.
  3. The trainer should check in with you through the class.
  4. You should feel motivated by the trainer not put off.

The trainer should know more than you!  The instructor at the front of the room is there to show you and teach you.  Any major ego’s, I’d not come back.  If I’m in a class where ‘faster’ and ‘harder’ are the motto, I’m in the wrong place.  These are not requisites to improving fitness.  Doing exercises slower in fact have more efficacy and benefits.

What to do if the class is not good?

  1. Say sorry and leave.
  2. Finish the class and don’t return.
  3. Try as much as you can tolerate and then leave at a break.
  4. Work out whether the class style or the person teaching it was the problem.

Don’t be put off from a bad class.

I’m pretty sure, as I have experienced poor classes, you have shared the same experience in your gym or even your home workouts.  There are many classes that are pretty poor and ill informed.  I’ve been told a lot of rubbish in class; one nugget, you only need to stretch for 5 minutes to get a good stretch.  Wrong !!!

If there is a class that you feel you can’t leave and you didn’t like – tell the gym manager.  Don’t just leave and never go back.  Feedback to the gym.

I have been SOOOO lucky to have been able to try out new places (after building a bit of courage). I have learned a lot from brilliant trainers and I know what I like and what makes a good class for me.

Don’t stick with what you think is meant to be good.  Just because Instagram say’s so – it is not always true.  Some of the workout programmes and big names out there, really are not my cup of tea because they are a one size fits all model.  Fitness is not one size fits all.  Every ‘body’ is different.  Every person has different preferences.  Don’t be put off all classes because one has put you off. Try a different class.