Hashtag nurse

So I hashtag nursing all the time….why? Because it is a tough job that has little reward and I kind of want people to know that I am working really hard! Both in nursing but also trying to build a business in fitness and health.

I also want to try and encourage and inspire health care workers to be a bit healthier (I’d like to inspire all people too!!) But I notice so often that healthcare workers have lots of excuses not to be fit and healthy. I have worked in the NHS for over 10 years and since I have been instagramming about my nurse/personal trainer life I have become even more aware of the struggle for people with health and fitness.  How do I help both sides with my thoughts?

I have been asked for tips about how to manage a stressful job like nursing and working out too.  There are so many things I could talk about here but what I think will strike chords with lots of different people (including nurses) is….

Find Your Daily Happy.

I was a runner and gym goer before my days in the NHS. I have always found this a great way to clear my inner frustrations, clear my mind and focus on me. That might sound self indulgent/selfish in contradiction to working as a ‘helping person’ – but when you look after other people, trying to make them ‘better’, you need to make sure that you look after you.

– I go to the gym before my day starts (this is new – I used to think getting up before 07:00 should be illegal.)

– I try to walk to appointments to see my clients and not get on the bus/tube/car.

– I take breaks – even if there is only time to get to the shop to buy lunch.

– I encourage colleagues to walk with me to appointments.

– I find the matcha latte/planet organic/chai tea (use to be good coffee shop) to have 10 minutes of ‘I LOVE WHAT I’M EATING/DRINKING moment.

– I make time to see friends as much as possible.

– I book holidays and take them.

What might Your Daily Happy be?

– Calling a friend. Texting your mum?

– Walking in the rain?

– Picking up your children from school?

For me, exercise has become part of a lifestyle that I feel better from doing – I exercise in the morning to make the rest of my day more available – but I also try and find my happy at different points in the day. If I don’t….I really am quite the monster.

The way I manage this NHS chaos that I work in – applies to anyone. I really think that reflecting on what YOU NEED can make every day more manageable and help you figure out what it is that will make you happier long term.

For me – right now – personal training might make me happier – however making the leap is scary.

Get in touch if you have any thoughts/questions.