Fitness classes London

COVID Lockdown – Group zoom class (8th May 2020 – ongoing)

I will be offering pay by donation classes via zoom. (PayPal payments will be sent via email once registered).

My tiny human may feature/need brief parenting during weekday classes. But I encourage you to at least give working out a try with little humans around, even if you think you can’t. Sometimes they are great added weight!

30-40 minute classes.

All levels welcome. If you are more advanced, do a little warm up before hand.

Monday 09:30 – Zoom Circuit Class

Wednesday – Zoom individual 1:1 sessions. (£ on discussion)

Saturday 09:30 – Zoom Circuit Class

Saturday 10:45 – Zoom pilates/yoga/stretch

I do need to send you some forms to fill out to check where you’re at in fitness and life overall.  I will need these forms before you join a class.

I would like to do 1:1 consultation before a group class to make sure you feel comfortable.

Email – or ‘contact me’ form on my website for more details and further questions. @Melissa_powex on Instagram too.

Fitness classes London

Timetable/calendar to come.  Please keep an eye on this page as things will need tweaking over the course of time and changes.


Anyone who is interested in regularly joining, I will do a ‘class pass’ where you get a discount.

1 session (£5)

5 sessions (£20)

10 sessions (£35).