Melissa Powex • 29th June 2017


Before I get into a mind field of ‘are you qualified to give this advice’, I would suggest always asking a qualified professional before you start playing around with supplements. Which I have done and I want to share my experience. I am a nutrition advisor, personal trainer and mental health nurse, so I am qualified to understand the body and medicines….however I still seek advice to guide my decision making. This blog is my experience of a year of dipping in and out of this supplement world….


I have never been a tablet taker and mostly try to get what I need from food (and I recommend that you do too!)– only when I became a nurse did I learn why you should always take your full course of antibiotics!! ;) Needless to say, the idea of taking vitamin supplements never featured in my life


So, this new world of supplements to me has been fascinating and I’d like to share my thoughts/frustrations and advice.









So…this was a mind-field to me and I thought protein shakes would be ‘find a flavour and go’. Just like the adverts say!


Little did I know!!


Protein powders are essentially a quick fix way of getting good nutrients (protein) back into your system with a faster route to help muscle recovery. However – if you look at the ingredients on a packet you might see a long list of sugar and unreadable words. I am still to find the shake that I can have with all my intolerances that tastes ‘as good as a choc mint shake’ – (It doesn’t exist).


This new experience has led to me needing to check EVERYTHING.


Food, mylk, tablets, the lot, I check the back of everything and what I find most interesting is that there are so many products with chemicals and crap.


You may have seen a post of mine comparing what the Doctor’s prescribed me (macragol) when I was having a terrible time with my stomach (unknown ingredients – pretty horrible stuff – that didn’t actually help me) and that I have replaced this for magnesium. I learned this could be a solution through my PT training and biology as a nurse, and I was hopeful that magnesium would help my stomach troubles - However, even then it’s taken me ages to find a brand that isn’t full of crap and is effective.


I really encourage you to look at what is in your supplements before buying them. Yesterday I looked at 2 different BCAA’s (branched chain amino acids) to help me with my workout goals (another blog will discuss BCAA’s), however – one had an ingredient list as long as the tub. The other was non flavoured, vegan and only had amino acids in it….it tastes rank…but at least I know what’s in it and when it run’s out, I’ll experiment some more.


My advice is…


Read the label.


Just because the advert say’s it’s good for you – doesn’t mean it is!


Brands that I have found to be pretty ‘honest’ and ‘pure’ are:


Better you.




I can’t say I have tried everything – do let me know if you have any tips, but check out these brands before you pick up the cheap full of crap option.