Getting Fit for You

Melissa Powex • Friday 17th February 2017

Getting fit for you

Getting fit for you has to start challenging all of the "people talk about fitness around me and I feel left out or unknowledgeable?" "My friends who exercise regularly make me feel that I should be doing more?!" "When I’m in the gym and look at all the people who are really in shape, I think I will never get there…"

I think it is very easy to fall into the trap of either not exercising or feeling the need to exercise too much. Particularly with the 'wonderful' (please note sarcasm here) media! Getting fit is for you!

I grew up with Smash Hits magazine (which granted wasn't free from 'models' etc) however didn’t seem to be focused around constant body and face analysis. However, now we are all constantly surrounded by images all day long #instagram #snapchat #idontevenknowalltheforums.

I think the media gives us a warped image of beauty and we forget that different people find different things beautiful.

Getting fit for you is about using what is out there to fit what you want.  The huge focus on health and wellness I think is great, however is also intimidating to those of us who are getting fit – because you can feel that you should be like everyone else who is fit - and mostly they are super fit and ripped! 

Controversially I want to get into tip-top shape just like them, but the reason for this is more about the science of the body. Getting fit for you is about my goal to be strong and flexible and healthy inside and out!

Our bodies are machines. Very, very clever ones at that - made up of cells, tissue, muscles, bones, skin. Each has its own property and has its own function and use. Each enables another part of the body to work effectively. However, in the indulgent world we live in now, I think we forget this.

When you look at athletes in super tip-top shape, they are obviously exceedingly perfected to their sport. Trained, manipulated, perfected for their skill.  In the same way that a Doctor will have trained their brain over years and years to know how the body works and what goes wrong with it (nurses are also super talented in this area too *ahem*) – professions focus on what they need to achieve their goals!

Our bodies are made to function in a particular way. And this does not include drinking, smoking, over eating, eating processed foods, sitting down all day at an office job and then watching TV all night. We become overweight and our bodies do no function properly. We get more colds/flu when we don't eat healthily or sleep well. Then we find exercising so hard once we have slumped into unhealthy that we can't see the other side being of any benefit because it's a lot of effort.

Getting fit for you is about understanding that the body stops to work well if we don't look after it and we should want this for ourselves.

Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand in getting fit for you. All the 'clean eating', 'paleo diet', 'raw food' etc etc etc are not just fads. They are actually lifestyle choices to address the above. Fitness is also an aspect of life that you have to fit in as something you do – not something that you avoid doing!

Getting fit for you is a long term combination of things.  Yes, you may be able to drop a few pounds quickly through ‘boot camp’ and ‘juice diets' – and yes I have done many of these things – but I really think it is so important that you all consider that getting fit for you and healthy is a LONG-TERM LIFESTYLE CHANGE. 

Please have faith in the process and start to enjoy exercise. What I’ve said before really is true – it never gets easier – you get better!