Fitness to observe progress

Melissa Powenski • Thursday 2nd February 2017

Why have I got into fitness and personal training?  The more I think about this, the more my explanation changes.

2003 – I put on weight at Uni.

2006 - I lost weight but wanted to eat nice food (not healthy food).

2007 – 2010 - I was single and going out drinking (and smoking) a lot but felt that running was an easy way to maintain some level of fitness.

2000 – 2010 - I worked in stressful environments and needed some catharsis.

2012 – 2015 - I experienced a very difficult time personally and stress increased further, the only thing that made me feel normal was exercise.

2016 - When all else was out of control I wanted to see and feel some positive change when I felt stuck (although I didn’t see this at the time).

2017 - I like the change and that I am able to see in my body and mind as I become stronger and more knowledgeable and can share this with others.  I have been engaged in fitness to observe progress.

The pattern here, is that my fitness journey did not happen quickly in 2-4 weeks instead…I think that I have incorporated fitness to observe change when other areas in life were challenging. 

My previous work as a nursing assistant, therapeutic assistant, teaching assistant, youth worker etc were incredibly powerful experiences however I always felt stuck, as though I was never going to progress to where I wanted to be.  I could not progress without a specific qualification or an extended period of experience.  A rock and a hard place! 

With exercise it was so much easier to think – ‘oh I can run 1 mile without dying’…then a month later pushing myself to run 1.5 miles.  I don’t think I realised what I was doing then, but now I clearly see that fitness was a healthy and effective way of setting realistic goals and finding ways to achieve them in a world where I felt I was jumping through hoops and progress in life and career.

My focus each day/week since training as a PT in July 2016 has been about getting in the best physical shape I can be in and trying out different ways to achieve it.  That has involved doing things I have never done before – using a bar bell to be one of them! 

However by focussing on fitness to observe progress - in the background I have achieved a huge amount in one year.  But this has not been without real self doubt and worry about my efforts in this new world, particularly about whether  my message will reach people in a different way to combine working with mental health and fitness in a positive way.

 Fitness to observe progress could be how you get through life while other elements of your life are feeling more stuck…get in touch and we can unpick your goals and aims.