Fitness Principles

Melissa Powex • 10th March 2017


When you look around the gym and everyone looks like they know what they’re doing (maybe they actually do, maybe they don’t), it can really affect what ever confidence you walked into the gym with.

Having been more of a class goer than a gym bunny, I’m still learning and will forever be learning about what I think is important in fitness.

I myself have been overwhelmed by how much information there is out there about so many aspects of the fitness world and with a bit of a research background, my natural way to work out what is fact and fiction is to read from lots of different reliable sources and compare to the information that I have been taught as a personal trainer. The combination of the information out there can lead to a really well informed workout programme, however obviously on the contrary, if you pick up the first google info about sit ups, I am sure that you will read a whole plethora of junk vs real.   You wouldn’t believe everything in the Daily Mail – so don’t believe everything about fitness!

As well as liking to research and educate myself, I also like to simplify and stream line things – from knowing how long it takes me to get ready in the morning while doing the least amount of over exerting activities (I still haven’t got in to gym before work) L, to planning how I can attend 3 different events in one day without backtracking on the tube. A skill – I know.

While I simplify things in life, this gives me more space to think about other things and by organising, creating structure and being somewhat predictable, I enjoy a mostly settled life.

With these being some of my life principles, I like to incorporate simplicity, education and structure into my gym experience too.

Powex Fitness Principles – for a simple, structured, workout (and life).

  1. Find what you are comfortable with and work with it. If you don’t like spin, try running. If you don’t like weights – try body weight.
  1. Mix up your training. Weight training is great. Running is great. Cycling is great. Boxing is great.   Yoga is great. I believe that shocking the system and never allowing it to get ‘used to’ what you are doing, will give you the best overall benefits from exercising.
  1. Push your self that little bit harder….

If you are used to running on the treadmill for 30 minutes and then doing some floor work, Mix it up…Could you include an interval? Could you increase your speed for 30 seconds every 1 minute? Every 2 minutes? Every 5 minutes?

You can make your own variations, that you enjoy. Slowly push your body a little bit further each time and it doesn’t need to be increasing weight, adapting your timing, the range of movement, adding a piece of different equipment will change your workout.

3 simple straight forward steps. No complicated systems with crazy in depth understandings of perfect macros and perfecting your periodization cycles. I believe that you need knowledge to improve and learning takes time. Start with these principles and I’m sure I will write more specifics around weight training, hiit, running etc in time.

Any advice, guidance, specific workout programmes that you may want me to help you with get in touch.