Fitness Classes

Melissa Powenski • 15th September 2017

Hello everyone. I come up with ideas of what to write about, what to post, what to try all the time. Although I work as a mental health nurse full time, I am always thinking about my lifestyle, my client’s lifestyle, my health and how my personal training lifestyle fits into my day job. This includes when I am at the gym working out and when I’m in Sainsbury’s (other supermarkets are available) buying my lunch. But some of my thoughts don’t picture well for instagram, nor do I have the time to write much about the topic and forget to write it down in my notes so never get it up to scratch.

Anyway – the reason I start with this ramble is that I have realised over the last year of being a PT and getting myself into a shape that I am happy with (still not quite there) that I know a lot of stuff in fitness. I am not trying to be big headed but the reason I know a lot of stuff is because I have experimented, been trained, read, looked into different workouts, follow lots of different people on instagram and I’m interested in knowing the best information out there.

What prompts my writing here is that this week I have been to 2 new fitness classes at my gym – which I am having a tough time with anyway. Both classes unfortunately for me were pretty bad. What made them bad? 

  1. The impression I got from the trainers was that they just wanted to show off their skills.
  2. The classes had really really really loud fast music that they shouted over the top of.
  3. The movements in the classes were all about DO IT FASTER FASTER FASTER.
  4. Both classes did not have many people in them.

Why am I raising this? Because I’m pretty sure you may be sharing this experience in your gym - that actually the classes are pretty poor and ill informed (I was told in tonight’s class that you only need to stretch for 5 minutes – er WRONG!!!).

I would encourage as much as you may be fearful of new places and new people – especially in the gym world. Discuss your classes with your gym managers (which I have and will continue to do so). And…TRY NEW THINGS!!!

I have been SOOOO lucky to have been able to try out new places (after building a bit of courage). I have learned a lot from brilliant trainers @Blok mostly, but I have managed to try out @1Rebel, @Totalboxer, @F45 and continue to have many others on the list.

A frustration of mine is that most of the better gyms with great trainers are in the same areas – Chelsea and The City. I really want this to change! But, for now – get your butt down to new gyms and take a friend if your frightened. Don’t stick with what you think is good….it’s highly likely if your trainer plays the same playlist, you know the work out back to front and you can predict the next move – you are in the WRONG CLASS. Get OUT!